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NAIFA Oregon Awards

Agents of the Year Awards: Health Agent of the Year, Multi-Line Agent of the Year, Agent of the Year and Senior Agent of the Year.
These awards are presented annually by NAIFA Oregon and recognize the outstanding individuals in the above listed categories. Criteria for selection include: sales production, association and industry activities and community, church and citizenship activities. The winner in each category is selected by the NAIFA Oregon Award Committee. Information supplied by the local organization on the nomination form. Click here to apply

Tony Konen Memorial Award
The Konen Local President Awards are given to selected local association presidents for outstanding leadership. The award is given in memory of Tony Konen, CLU, a past president of his local association, Salem LUA, and of OLUA. Tony was serving OLUA as National Committeeman and Legislative Chairman at the time of his death in 1984. Click here to apply

H.G. “Bud” Horn Award
Not awarded every year, and given in memory of Harold G. “Bud” Horn, this is the highest honor given by NAIFA Oregon. It recognizes persons who have made long-term, outstanding contributions to the life insurance industry in Oregon. Bud was a legendary producer, agency manager, and family man who died at the height of his career in 1970 at the age of 58. Bud left a legacy of industry and community leadership excellence.

Glenn O. Ratcliff Community Service Award
The Ratcliff Award, also not presented every year, honors a NAIFA Oregon member who has, over time, demonstrated long standing, selfless commitment to their community. Glenn recognized that success in our profession was not defined strictly in terms of production, but rather in the wonderful balance of business, commitment to family and service to the community. Throughout a career that spanned over forty years, Glenn epitomized this balanced life.

Oregon Award Applications

Previous Award Recipients

Senior Agent of the Year

2017 C. Tracy Boster
2015 Mark Rosenbaum
2013 Michael Syman-Degler, CLU, CFP
2011 Mark Reed
2010 James Paulk, LUTCF
2009 Donald L. Nau, CLU, LUTCF
2006 Finos Lunsford, LUTCF
2006 Mark Reed
2005 Mark Swartwood
2004 Donald L. Nau, CLU, LUTCF
2002 Bob Schroth, LUTCF
2000 Wayne Van Borstel, CLU, ChFC, CFP, MSFS
1999 Raymond L. Lemke, CLU
1998 G. W. "Bill" Moats
1997 Bert Guptill, Jr., LUTCF
1995 Digby Cook, CLU, LUTCF
1995 John Thomas, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
1994 Trenton S. Douglas
1993 William I. Meyer, CLU, ChFC
1992 Raymond Rosa
1991 Robert "Bud" Fincham, CLU, ChFC
1990 A. John Pereira, LUTCF
1990 Dick Vigue, LUTCF
1989 Tom Fink, CLU, ChFC
1988 Jim Pittman, CLU, ChFC
1987 H. Kent Ward, CLU
1986 Bill E. Moore, CLU, ChFC
1985 Bill Hermann, CLU, ChFC
1984 Larry Boeck, CLU, ChFC
1983 Rob Roy
1982 James R. Craig, CLU
1981 Gaylord Davis, CLU
1980 Dan Corrigan
1979 Richard J. Maeyaert, CLU, ChFC
1978 Garth T. Rouse, CLU, ChFC
1977 Irving Enna, CLU
1976 David G. Tangvald, CLU, ChFC
1975 Thomas McAuley
1974 John Hartley, CLU
1973 Rex O. Kessinger, CLU
1972 Conrad Sheffer
1971 Robert A. Pierce, CLU, ChFC
1970 Fred M. Rosenbaum
1969 James H. Cresmon
1968 Frank Veterino, CLU
1967 Dick Twenge
1966 Wayne Safely
1965 Bill Stebbins, CLU
1964 George Chambers, CLU
1963 Gene Hansen, CLU
1962 Irving Enna, CLU

Glenn O. Ratcliff Community Service Award

2018 John Lenz, CLU, CHFC, CFP
2016 Tom Fink
2015 Gaylord Davis
2014 Bill Wilson
2013 Dan Ceniga, CLU LUTCF
2002 Dave "Santa" Fassler, LUTCF
1999 Gene Hansen, CLU
1996 Al Contreras, LUTCF
1995 Trenton S. Douglas
1994 Russell Canaga, CLU, LUTCF
1992 John Root, LUTCF

Health Agent of the Year

2017 Laura Powell
2015 Christopher Boon
2014 Lisa Lettenmaier
2013 Chris Boone
2011 Merrie (Kim) Kelly
2008 Stephen L. Morgan
2007 John S. Thunell, LUTCF, CIC
2006 Gerald Koll, CLU, ChFC
2005 Vito Aiello, RHU
2003 Robert R. Scroth, LUTCF
2002 Salvatore Collura, RHU, LUTCF
2000 Todd D. Torke, LUTCF
1999 Patrick O'Keefe
1998 Ray Rosa, LUTCF
1997 Dean R. Kortge, PhD, CLU
1996 Linda Susak, LUTCF
1995 Everett Thorne, CLU, ChFC, RHU
1994 John Root, LUTCF
1993 Delmer Johnson, CLU
1992 Scott Haas, CLU, RHU
1990 Bradley J. Backlund
1989 Dick Vigue, LUTCF
1988 John L. Thomas, CLU, ChFC

H G Bud Horn Award

2019 Sheri Weber

2018 Paul A. Hagemann

2017 David Willis
2015 John Lenz
2014 Con Sheffer
2013 Don Nau, CLU, LUTCF
2012 Richard Yost, CLU ChFC, CFP, AEP
2011 John Thomas, CLU, MSFS
2010 Bill Elfering, CLU
2009 Tom Fink, CLU, ChFC
2008 Jim Pittman, CLU, CFP
2007 Daniel Corrigan
2006 Fred Rosenbaum
2002 Dave Nelson
2001 Jerry Koll, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF
2000 Dean Kortge, PhD, CLU, RHU
1999 Larry Boeck, CLU, ChFC
1998 Richard Maeyaert, CLU, ChFC
1996 John L. Hartley, CLU, ChFC, MSFS
1995 Roger Zener, CLU
1994 David G. Tangvald, CLU, ChFC
1993 John J. "Jack" Howe, CLU
1992 Walt Kelly, CLU
1990 Paul Budke, CLU
1988 Robert A. Pierce, CLU, ChFC
1987 Garth T. Rouse, CLU, ChFC
1984 Family of Tony Konen
1983 Glenn Ratcliff, CLU
1980 Lou Torgeson, CLU
1979 Benjamin "Woody" Woodson, CLU
1978 Bob Merz, CLU
1976 Gene Hansen, CLU
1975 Gordon Orput, CLU
1974 Eddie Sammons
1973 Irv Enna, CLU
1972 Family of Bud Horn


Agent of the Year

2015 Kym Housley
2007 E. Sven Anderson, CLU
1999 Gretchen Stangier
1998 Debbie Hanson
1996 Keith Howell
1995 Beverly Stebbins
1994 Scott Elle
1993 Clara L. Hollin
1992 Michael W. Smith
1991 Richard Robertson, CLU
1990 Ken Sutherland, LUTCF
1989 Janet Anderson
1988 Leo J. Kowalski
1987 Wayne Van Borstel
1986 Peter A. Chamberlain
1985 Darlene Madden
1984 Scott Sager
1983 Wayne Breeze
1982 Walter Steeves
1981 William S. Findlay
1980 Diana Shaw
1979 Raymond L. Lemke, CLU
1978 Shirley Myers
1977 Michael V. See
1976 Clifford D. Canucci
1975 Larry Spires
1973 Richard Vigue
1972 Richard Maeyaert, CLU, ChFC, RHU
1971 Dennis R. Teater
1970 Gary W. Gurnsey, CLU, ChFC, RHU
1969 Gaylord E. Davis, CLU
1968 Edward J. Lawrence
1967 Harold L. Kostenko
1966 Ed Cravinho
1965 Don Norris

Multi-Lines Agent of the Year

2016 Bob Cegon, LTCP
2015 Bob Cegon, LTCP
2008 Andrew Dinger, LUTCF
2007 Bob Bronson, LUTCF
2006 Paul Hagemann, LUTCF
2002 Jon D. Thacker
2000 Rich Peterson, LUTCF
1999 Bill Elfering, CLU
1998 Barbara Furer
1997 Eugene F. Thomas
1996 Melvin Matthews, CLU, ARM
1995 R. Scott Weaver
1994 R. Blair Sturill, LUTCF
1993 William J. Lynch, LUTCF
1992 Carla Boivin, CLU
1991 James J. King, CLU
1990 Don Kowalski
1989 Ken Clark
1988 Barbara A. Furer
1987 Bill Doris
1986 Kenneth R. Evenhus
1985 John S. Thunell, LUTCF, CIC
1983 Bill Thorp
1982 Al Contreras, LUTCF

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