Partner Levels have access to NAIFA Oregon Events if they choose to attend.  Please read below for guidelines.

Insurance Industry Partners Only: It is the policy of NAIFA Oregon that Partners who participate in our events not attempt to recruit agents and advisors from information and/or exposure provided to them from this event or other NAIFA events.  We understand that professionals will make career choices, but our events are for the edification and promotion of NAIFA ideals and the highest ethical standards of our profession, and seek to create environments where employers can feel safe that their agents & advisors will not be recruited. 

Discovered attempts to violate the Non-Proselytization contract will result in denial of attendance and participation in future events.


Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you need to cancel your registration to an event, we must receive your request in writing, or by email. You must send your written notice of cancellation, via

e-mail, to or via postal mail to:

NAIFA Oregon

7420 SW Garden Home Rd

Portland, OR 97223


Inclement Weather Policy 

NAIFA Oregon rarely cancels or postpones events due to inclement weather. On days where it becomes necessary to postpone or cancel an event for inclement weather, a decision will be made by the Executive Committee, and all meeting registrants will be notified by the email used to register for the event, and on the registration web page for the specific event. The absence of these notifications explicitly implies that an event has not been cancelled for inclement weather.

The decision to cancel an event for inclement weather will rest solely on the executive committee of NAIFA Oregon. The inability of a majority of registrants to attend an event will be the primary, but not sole, determining factor in the decision to cancel an event. Due to the inaccuracy of weather forecasts, and the nature of deteriorating weather conditions, NAIFA Oregon reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event due to inclement weather at any point prior to the event, or after an event has begun. 

If an event is cancelled for inclement weather, registered Partners will be given the option to attend an additional rescheduled event. To receive a credit for an event that has been cancelled for inclement weather, please send an email that includes your name and the name of the cancelled event to within fourteen (14) days of the cancelled event.

Returned Check Policy 

If any checks are returned for insufficient funds, NAIFA Oregon will charge a $25 fee, in addition to any amount the association is charged by the financial institution that returned the check. NAIFA Oregon reserves the right to refuse to honor future checks submitted by violators.


NAIFA Policy on Recruiting and Association Activities 

The official activities of NAIFA shall not be used as a forum or means for individual members to actively or directly recruit other members to their companies or agencies (i.e., proselytizing). Association time and resources must focus on NAIFA’s mission to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills and promote the ethical conduct of our members. Proselytizing is not consistent with this mission and is not appropriate association business. This policy shall not be construed to interfere with an individual member’s freedom to recruit others on their own time, in connection with their own business affairs, apart from association activities. This policy also shall not be construed to preclude company or agency advertising, exhibits or sponsorships in connection with association publications or activities.


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