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New to the Industry

Monthly Membership

Year 1: $10

Year 2: $20

per month

NAIFA Live Monthly Meetings

Access to Member Communities

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Year 1- Use Promo Code: 1  
Year 2- Use Promo Code: 2 



New to NAIFA

Monthly Membership

$30 per Month

for first year

New to NAIFA

Year 3 in the industry and beyond

All Member Benefits

At Checkout: 
Year 3- Use Promo Code: 3

New to NAIFA 3+ Years in Business- Use Promo Code: Grow

Experienced in the Industry

Monthly Membership

Year 4: $40
Year 5+: $56

per month

After your initial first year of membership

at $30/month, your fees will graduate

up to correlate with your years of

experience in the business as follows: 

Four years in the industry: $40

Five years+ in the industry: $56 

All Member Benefits

Address: 7420 SW Garden Home RD - Portland, OR 97223 ‚óŹ Email: execdirector@naifaoregon.org

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